Multiversus Fans Frustrated by No Refunds as Open Beta Prepares to Go Dark

By | March 27, 2023

Player First Games, the developers behind Multiversus, confirmed that players who spent money on the game throughout the open beta will not get a refund. The news comes from the official Multiversus website under the FAQ page.

Under the question “Will refunds be available for previously purchased content?,” it reads, “This announcement does not change any current refund policies or terms offered by the storefront(s) from which Founder’s Packs or Gleamium bundles were purchased. For more information, please visit the customer support pages for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games. Additionally, refunds are not available as a result of the Open Beta closure. However, all progress and previously earned or purchased content will carry over when MultiVersus returns in early 2024.”

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