New Destiny 2 Update Adds Cross-Play Voice Chat

By | September 3, 2021

A new Destiny 2 update went live yesterday and it enabled cross-play voice chat, a little over a week after cross-platform play was added to the game.

Bungie posted the patch notes for yesterday’s Hotfix coming to Destiny 2 and in them, the company lists cross-play voice chat as now enabled in-game, as reported by GameSpot. This voice chat feature comes just after the launch of Season 15, which is called the Season of the Lost, on August 24.

At the bottom of the patch notes, in the “General” section, you’ll find “Cross Play voice chat enabled” as a bullet point. However, Bungie lists some communication privacy issues that aren’t working as intended for Xbox players. Here’s what those issues are:

  • Xbox players will still hear voice and receive invites from anyone even if privacy settings are set to “friends” or “in-game friends.”

  • Xbox players will still hear voice from non-Xbox players even if “You can communicate outside of Xbox with voice and text” is set to “blocked.”
  • Xbox players will still be able to hear other Xbox players in Fireteam Chat or Team Chat, even if that player is on their mute list.

Bungie announced that cross-play was officially coming with the launch of Season 15 in Destiny 2 last month. However, the company announced that “when cross play releases, voice chat between platforms will not be enabled.” Bungie cited some “late-breaking issues with development” as the reason for why cross-play voice chat wouldn’t be enabled when cross-play launched.

Now, a little over a week later, the feature is live and cross-platform Guardians can brag to each other about the exotic they popped.

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Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance news writer and guide maker for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @LeBlancWes.