Nintendo Revamps Online Store While Restocking My Nintendo Physical Rewards

By | February 16, 2022

Not 24 hours after announcing the imminent demise of the ability to purchase Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games through the eshop, Nintendo has revealed its revamped online store, which will allow users to purchase not just merchandise, but also digital and physical games directly through Nintendo.

The My Nintendo Store, which is online now in both the US and Canada, replaces the old version of the site that allowed for digital game purchases only as well as redemption of select digital and physical rewards with Gold and Platinum Points. That’s now expanded to include physical software and hardware sales. And yes, that includes the Switch OLED model as well as the regular Switch, Switch Lite, and Joy-Cons in various color combinations.

Notably, while digital game purchases still count directly toward your Nintendo Gold Points total, physical purchases must still be redeemed after you actually receive the game cartridge and put it in the Switch.

There’s also a selection of Nintendo merchandise available for purchase, alongside a new stock of physical My Nintendo rewards.

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