Sonic Mania’s Green Hill Zone to Become a LEGO Set

By | February 4, 2021

An official Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO set will be released thanks to a fan design that gained traction online through the LEGO Ideas program.UK-based LEGO builder Viv Grannell’s Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone design has been greenlit by the LEGO Group and will be produced and sold in collaboration with SEGA.

No release date has been set for the design, as it will only now begin product development with Sega’s input, but it will eventually be released worldwide. You can see the concept image for the set below:

The design picked up 10,000 votes as part of the LEGO Ideas program, which lets fans submit homemade designs to be voted on by the LEGO community. Sets that achieve traction such as this one have the chance of being turned into real products.

“I’ve been invested in the world of Sonic for almost my entire life,” said designer Viv Grannell, “and it’s such a perfect fit for the LEGO system that I spent about a year rallying support for it to happen. Having 10,000 people back my design was overwhelming enough, even with friends and family behind me, but having it be selected for further development was the most exciting secret I have ever had to keep!”

The scene is based on the Green Hill Zone level from 2017’s Sonic Mania and includes a host of Sonic characters such as the titular hedgehog, Dr Eggman, the Egg Robot mech and the Hard-Boiled Heavies. “Featuring a wide variety of elements inspired by Classic Sonic, the set will provide LEGO collectors and Sonic fans alike a truly supersonic LEGO experience,” LEGO’s press release reads.

In other Sonic the Hedgehog news, a Netflix series based on the blue blur called Sonic Prime was recently revealed and is set to premiere in 2022. You can check out IGN’s review of Sonic Mania here, which we scored an 8.7, calling it “the classic throwback longtime series fans have been clamouring for.”

Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.Source