Valheim: A Complete Guide to Every Item and Spawn Code

By | March 6, 2021


Name Location/Crafting Recipe Description Item Spawn Code Blood Pudding
  • 2 Bloodbag
  • 4 Barley flour
It’s bloody tasty. BloodPudding Blueberries Tiny but tasty. Blueberries Bread
  • 10 Barley flour
A tasty loaf of bread. Bread Carrot An orange treat. Carrot Carrot Soup A warm tasty soup made of mostly carrots. CarrotSoup Cloudberries The gold of the forest. Cloudberry Cooked Fish A tasty side of smoked fish. FishCooked Cooked Lox Meat
  • Cook Lox meat
A great hunk of tender meat, food fit for Valhalla! CookedLoxMeat Cooked Meat
  • Cook Raw meat
Roasted on the bone, fit for a feast. CookedMeat Cooked Serpent Meat A cooked slice of sea serpent, smells good. SerpentMeatCooked Fish Wraps
  • 2 Cooked fish
  • 4 Barley flour
Bread and fish, what more to wish? FishWraps Grilled Neck Tail This savoury, charcoal-grilled meat has a slight aroma of seaweed and grass. NeckTailGrilled Honey
  • Found in Beehives
Sweet and tasty. Honey Lox Meat Pie
  • 4 Barley flour
Break the crust to release a cloud of fragrant steam. Delicious! LoxPie Mushroom Bounty of the forest. Mushroom Queens Jam That classic tasty blend of raspberries and blueberries. QueensJam Raspberries Sweet and delicious. Raspberry Sausages
  • 1 Raw meat
Links of savory, smoked meat. Sausages Serpent Stew Smells of honey and serpent. SerpentStew Turnip Stew
  • 1 Raw meat
Nutritious and restorative. TurnipStew Yellow Mushroom
  • Found in the Burial Chambers, Troll caves, and Sunken Crypts
An energetic glowing mushroom. MushroomYellow Meads & Barley Wine Name Crafting Recipe Description Item Spawn Code Tasty Mead The nectar of the gods, divine mead. MeadTasty Minor Healing Mead Restores health. MeadHealthMinor Medium Healing Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Medium healing (x10 Honey, x4 Bloodbag, x10 Raspberries, x1 Dandelion) for two days
Restores health. MeadHealthMedium Minor Stamina Mead Restores stamina. MeadStaminaMinor Medium Stamina Mead Restores stamina. MeadStaminaMedium Poison Resistance Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Poison resistance (x10 Honey, x5 Thistle, x1 Neck tail, x10 Coal) for two days
Fortifies you against poison. MeadPoisonResist Frost Resistance Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Frost resistance (x10 Honey, x5 Thistle, x2 Bloodbag, x1 Greydwarf eye) for two days
Protects against the cold. MeadFrostResist Fire Resistance Barley Wine
  • Ferment Barley wine base: Fire resistance (x10 Barley, x10 Cloudberries) for two days
Fortifies you against fire. BarleyWine

Ores, Refined Metals, and Scraps

Name Crafting Recipe Description Item Spawn Code Black Metal A heavy bar of dark metal. BlackMetal Black Metal Scraps A twisted hunk of dark metal. BlackMetalScrap Bronze A strong alloy of copper and tin. Bronze Bronze Nails Used in construction of ships and furniture. BronzeNails Copper
  • Smelt Copper ore
A bar of pure copper ready to be worked. Copper Copper Ore
  • Mined from Copper deposit
Unrefined copper. Needs to be refined in a smelter. CopperOre Flametal The pure, shimmering core of a meteorite. Flametal Flametal Ore
  • Mined from Glowing Metal piles
Warm to the touch with glowing veins of strange metal. Needs to be refined in a smelter. FlametalOre Iron A bar of pure iron ready to be worked. Iron Iron Nails Needed for advanced construction projects. IronNails Iron Ore Can only be spawned in using a spawn code. Unrefined iron. Needs to be refined in a smelter. IronOre Obsidian Dark volcanic glass. Obsidian Scrap Iron
  • Mined from Muddy Scrap Piles
  • Found in chests in the Sunken Crypts
It’s old and rusty but can be used and smelted again. IronScrap Silver
  • Smelt Silver ore
A bar of pure silver ready to be worked. Silver Silver Ore Unrefined silver. Needs to be refined in a smelter. SilverOre Tin
  • Smelt Tin ore
A bar of pure tin ready to be worked. Tin Tin Ore Unrefined tin. Needs to be refined in a smelter. TinOre

Miscellaneous Materials

Name Crafting Recipe Description Item Spawn Code Ancient Bark
  • Harvested from Ancient Trees in the Swamp
An ancient and sturdy material. ElderBark Ancient Seed
  • Can be found randomly in chests
Held against your ear, you hear tiny whispering within… AncientSeed Bone Fragments
  • Dropped by Skeletons
A pile of shattered bones. BoneFragments Chain
  • Dropped by Wraiths
  • Found in Sunken Crypts
A link of iron chain. Chain Chitin
  • Acquired by mining Abyssal Barnacles in the Ocean
A shard of crustacean shell. Chitin Coal
  • Created by overcooking meat
  • Dropped by Surtlings
A lump of coal. Coal Crystal A shard of crystal from deep within the earth. Crystal Deer Hide
  • Dropped by Deer
  • Found in chests
A cleaned hide from a deer. DeerHide Dragon Tear
  • Dropped by Modor
The last frozen tears of a dragon, pulsating with mysterious energy. DragonTear Entrails A slimy length of something’s insides. Entrails Feathers
  • Dropped by Seagulls
  • Rare drop from chopping down trees
A small pile of feathers. Feathers Flint
  • Found along the river and shoreline in the Meadows
Can be shaped into sharp blades. Flint Freeze Gland
  • Dropped by Drakes
This mysterious organ keeps a perfect temperature. FreezeGland Fuling Totem Channels the ancient power of Yagluth. GoblinTotem Greydwarf Eye Milky eyeball of a Greydwarf. GreydwarfEye Guck
  • Found in Gucksacks in the Swamp
It smells like fermented fish. Guck Hard Antler A piece of very hard antler. HardAntler Leather Scraps
  • Found in muddy scrap piles
A small pile of leather scraps. LeatherScraps Linen Thread A fine linen thread made out of a strong flax filament. LinenThread Lox Pelt
  • Dropped by Lox
A heavy pelt of thick, musty fur. LoxPelt Needle The pointy end of a Deathsquito. Needle Ooze
  • Dropped by Blob and Oozer
Rotten and putrid-smelling. Why do you want this? Ooze Resin
  • Dropped by Greydwarfs
Sticky tree resin that insulates well. If put to the flame it burns slow and steady. Resin Serpent Scale
  • Dropped by Serpents
The shiny metal-like scale from a sea serpent. SerpentScale Stone
  • Found all over the ground
  • Mined from rocks
It’s a rock. Stone Surtling Core
  • Dropped by Surtlings
  • Found in Burial Chambers
It throbs with inner heat. SurtlingCore Thistle Beautiful but prickly. Thistle Troll Hide
  • Dropped by Trolls
A thick and sturdy hide. This is why trolls are so hard to kill. TrollHide Wolf Fang
  • Dropped by Wolves
Still sharp. WolfFang Wolf Pelt
  • Dropped by Wolves
A pelt of shaggy fur. WolfPelt Withered Bone
  • Found in muddy scrap piles
  • Found in Sunken Crypts
A giant bone, knotted like old wood. WitheredBone Ymir Flesh
  • Purchased from Haldor for 120 coins
The earthy remains of the giant Ymir. YmirRemains