Valheim Beginner’s Guide: 20 Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

By | February 20, 2021

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Listed below are over 20 tips and tricks that will help get you started in the latest hit survival game, Valheim. Got a tip you think we should include? Let us know in the comments below!

Quick Tips and Tricks to Get You Started in Valheim

  • It’s very much possible to die from falling trees, so once you’ve chopped it down be sure to watch as the tree falls to ensure you’re not in the line of danger.
  • Don’t be like us, as we spent many of our early hours not even knowing that splitting item stacks was a thing. To split your stack of items, simply press Shift click an item to bring up a custom menu that will allow you to split your item stacks.
  • As tempting as it may be to swim across large bodies of water, it’s important to note that swimming uses up your stamina and should you run out, you’ll begin to take damage and will eventually die from drowning.
  • There’s no easy way to train your skills, as the level will simply increase as you perform the ability.
  • Looking to take pretty screenshots? Remove the HUD by pressing Ctrl+F3.
  • Flint is one of the most important items that you’ll need during your early game experience, but where can you find it? You can find Flint by searching the edges of the various bodies of water that you’ll find throughout Valheim’s biomes. Flint is white/grey in color and takes on a rectangular shape.
  • Consider crafting a shield as they’ll play a large part in your survival as it’s easy to get swarmed by enemies.
  • If you’re looking to be successful in Valheim, you’ll need to learn how to parry your enemies correctly.
  • That being said though, don’t be afraid to retreat! As some situations can be much tougher than you initially think as more enemies arrive as backup.
  • Sheath your weapon and carry it on your back by pressing R on your keyboard.
  • Running out of space for items? Once you have enough supplies, consider building a Cart to help store your resources while out on a trip. Increasing your space by an additional 18 inventory slots, the Cart can be crafted upon discovering Bronze Nails and requires x20 Wood and x10 Nails in order to craft from the Misc Tab of your building Hammer. It’s also worth noting that the Cart does not feature a weight limit, making it the ideal way to transport the likes of heavy ores.

Start Gathering Supplies Straight Away

Gathering supplies when first starting can be a little daunting, especially when you don’t any tools, but don’t fear, you will be able to gather both wood and stone fairly easily.

To gather wood, simply punch small trees or look for fallen branches to obtain wood. To gather stone, look for small black colored rocks that can be found all across the ground.


Take Full Advantage of the Map Markers

Never get lost again or lose track of a dungeon that you weren’t quite ready to explore!

To place map markers, simply open the world map by pressing M on your keyboard. Once you’ve opened your map, simply click one of the five different icons that can be found in the lower right corner. With the icon selected, double click the area on the map that you would like to mark to create a marker that can you then name anything that you like.

To clear a marker, simply right click in order to delete it from the map.

Build a Bed and Campfire to Create a Spawn Point

Now that you’ve build the foundations to your new base, it’s time to officially call this place home by setting the base as your spawn point for when you reload the world or unfortunately meet your demise.

Thankfully, creating a a spawn point is easy as all you will need to do is simply craft a bed and a campfire. Once you’ve built and placed both of these items within your base, sleep in the bed to create a brand new spawn point.

Unfortunately you can only have one spawn point at this current time, so if you’ve got multiple bases set up, be sure to pick wisely. Furthermore, the bed will also act a great way to skip the rather grueling and dark nights.

There’s No Repair Cost, So Keep Your Gear Up to Scratch

That’s right, throughout Valheim’s early access stage you will be able to repair your gear completely free of charge! Now you’ve got no excuses for ever letting your weapons sit unrepaired in fear of using up your supplies.

Take Full Advantage of the Old Buildings That You Find Across the Map

Don’t bypass those old destroyed buildings that you find throughout Valheim’s different biomes as once you’ve crafted a Hammer, simply place a Workbench nearby. Now equip your Hammer and use the middle mouse button to destroy the building, piece by piece. This is a great way to obtain resources for little to no effort at all.

Fishing Rods Exist! But They’ll Set You Back a Hefty Fee

Unlike other survival games, fishing rods can not be crafted in Valheim. Instead, you will need to visit a Merchant, who can only be found within the Black Forest biomes. For a complete guide on finding Haldor the Merchant, click here.

Increase Your Carry Weight With This Item

Need more inventory space? Well unfortunately we have some bad news, as there is currently no way to increase your inventory space. However, you can purchase the Megingjord item from Haldor the Merchant for a whooping 950 Gold Coins. This item will allow you to increase your carry weight from 300 to 450 – which is quite the increase!

Defeat the First Boss to Craft a Pickaxe

To craft a Pickaxe in Valheim, you will firstly need to acquire a series of materials that can only be obtained by defeating the very first boss in the game, Eikthyr.

Need some help summoning and defeating Eikthyr? Click the link below to find our complete boss guide for defeating Eikthyr in Valheim.

Defeating Eikthyr should be a fairly easy task, but as you can expect, taking on your first boss is pretty nerve wrecking and will require a few hours of preparation before you dive straight in. Before you tackle Eikthyr, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve crafted some leather armor, a shield, and a flint axe/knife. All of these items require the following materials: deer pelts, leather scraps, flint, stone, and wood.

Killing deer is also crucial, as you’ll require two deer heads in order to summon the powerful Stag Boss, Eikthyr.

Upon defeating Eikthyr, you will receive several pairs of Hard Antlers. These Antlers can be used to unlock the Antler Pickaxe, which can now be crafted at a Workbench of level 2 or higher.

For more details on crafting your very first Pickaxe, click the link below to visit our complete guide to obtaining a Pickaxe.

Playing Singleplayer? Consider Using These Cheats

That’s right, if you’re playing singleplayer you’ll have access to a number of neat cheats that can make your Valheim experience much easier.

To start using cheats and other general console commands in Valheim, you will need to press F5 in order to bring up the console command box.

Before you can continue delving into the world of cheats, you will need to ensure that cheats are activated by typing “imacheater“. However, it is worth noting that cheats can only be used in singleplayer and will not work on multiplayer servers.

From enabling god mode, killing all nearby enemies, teleporting, and even starting random events, we have a complete list all cheats that you can use in Valheim in our complete guide below.