Watch Dogs: Legion Tips – 12 Things to Do First

By | October 28, 2020

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This portion of the IGN guide provides tips for what to do first in Watch Dogs Legion.

Tips: Things to Do First

  1. Get the Infiltrator Spiderbot. Near the start of the game you’re prompted to get one of your first Gadgets. Get the Spiderbot. They let you infiltrate restricted areas virtually risk-free, and many terminals can be activated with a Spider Bot alone. It can even perform non-lethal takedowns.
  2. Complete a Few Main Missions. While it may be tempting to veer off into the open world and start recruiting folks left and right, focus on the main missions first. The main quest will have you recruit a construction worker and turn a borough into a Defiant State. So once you’ve completed the Clarion Call Mission, that’s a good time to start side questing, recruiting, and exploring the world more. 
  3. Scan Folks and Add Potential Recruits. Even if you’re not sure you’ll ever recruit them, be sure to scan those around you with LB/L1 and add them to your potential list of recruits. It doesn’t cost you anything and you can decide to pursue them later when you’re looking to beef up your team. 
  4. Buy More Dedsec Weapons and Tech. Dedsec wouldn’t send you out unarmed but they also don’t send you out with much. While some recruits have special weapons and tech based on their backgrounds, everyone can carry two Dedsec Weapons and one piece of tech, so pick up more guns and gadgets. 
  5. Collect Tech Points. Look out for Tech Points which can be used to buy and upgrade weapons and tech. They can be hard to spot but luckily there’s an easy way to find them which brings us to our next tip.
  6. Turn Borough’s Defiant. Complete Borough Activities to turn them into Defiant states. Those from Defiant boroughs are more willing to join Dedsec. Plus once a borough is defiant you’ll get rewarded with the remaining Tech Points appearing on your map and get Skilled Recruits added to your team. Plus some upgrades require a certain amount of Boroughs to turn defiant before you can get them. 
  7. Discover your Play Style… Figuring out what kind of player you want to be will determine how you should spend your Tech Points. Those looking to blast through enemies may have their eye on the Missile Drone or Combat Spiderbot while those taking a stealth approach may get a lot out of the AR Cloak for sneaking by and the Electro-Fist when stealth goes to hell. 
  8. …and Buy Weapons/Tech that Fit Your Style. Once you have that down, spend points accordingly! While no one style fits all there are some key upgrades and gadgets to consider.
  9. Get the Deep Profiler Upgrade. The Deep Profiler Upgrade will allow you to recruit anyone, even those who dislike DedSec.This is especially useful since you may run into people who dislike Dedsec but have really cool backgrounds or abilities.
  10. Find Good Recruits. Recruit whoever you’re excited to have on your team but if you just want the best of the best target those who have Uniformed Access (such as Albion guards) or useful skills (such as immunity to being chased by Drones). To streamline everything, look out for Skilled Recruits marked in green by Bagley and free boroughs to easily get a skilled addition. Try to recruit a paramedic and barrister (lawyer) to you team since they’ll reduce the time it takes for you injured/arrested squad members to return
  11. Rack Up ETO and Go Shopping. Play as whoever you want and dress them however you like by spending ETO, in-game currency, on cosmetics to fit your style.You can easily rack this up by hacking ATMs, slot machines inside pubs, playing mini-games, and more depending on what your recruit’s abilities are. 
  12. Upgrade to the Parcel Drone Hack. There are a lot of clever drone upgrades available but hacking the Parcel Fox drones can allow you to drop packages to distract enemies and sometimes they’re carrying collectibles or free ETO.