Watch Dogs Legion: Tips and Tricks for Getting Starting

By | December 30, 2020

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This portion of the Watch Dogs Legion guide provides tips and tricks for taking back London.

Tips and Tricks

  • Scope Out Areas With Drones. Whether you’re trying to sneak in or take down every enemy in sight: it helps to get a sense of the area and find the best point of entry. Hack nearby drones and use them to scope out the area. They’re limited in range but remember you can use them to get close enough to hack other cameras. Speaking of drones… 
  • Hack Cargo Drones to Drop In Easily. You can climb on top of Cargo Drones and use them to fly around so they’re an easy way to avoid complicated infiltrations. Why climb a fence or hack security when you can just drop down from above? There are also characters who can call cargo drones at will, letting you avoid hacking entirely. If someone is following you, however, they can’t hop on the drone with you. You’ll need to hoof it the old-fashioned way.
  • Lose the Cops. When under pursuit watch out for drones pursuing you, disarm or hack them. You can even get them to fly into trucks or buildings if you plan it right. And be sure to avoid checkpoints when Albion is on your tail.Quickly hacking an oncoming vehicle to move left or right can be a great way to lose pursuers. (you can even hack cop cars to help get away from them!) If you’re constantly under pursuit consider using team members with useful perks like Chase Drone Immunity.
  • Grind for ETO. Grind for ETO by hacking everything from ATMs to Slotmachines, playing mini games, and more. Keep in mind some operatives have ETO related perks like Crypto Skimmer and Takedown Theif that just may make them your new favorite.
  • Shock Hack Some Easy Damage. Certain operatives can perform a shock hack. Use it to sneak by or get a leg up for head on combat situations. 
  • Fast Travel Often. The game doesnt really notify you when you unlock fast travel points, but if you need to get somewhere in a jiff, you may have a travel point nearby already unlocked. Just check your map. Also, SSD’s are great.
  • Remote Control Cars to Get Your Way. Remember that you can remote control vehicles to go forward, backward, left, and right. If you have a mission where you need to steal a car from a guarded garage, you can sometimes do it completely remotely! Or you can just move cars to mess with folks, your choice!
  • Get Back Into Cover Quick. It’s easier to escape from enemies than you think. Just get out of sight! (watch your radar, it will drop blinking red, returning quickly to the scene has its disadvantages though, as the guards will still be on alert)
  • Hack Efficiently. Pay attention to the direction the hacking lines flow during puzzle sequences to save some time. Some of these sequences can get pretty lengthy, so keeping the flow organized in your head could save you time later on.
  • Use Spider Bots. You can use your own Spider Bot if you have one but look out for boxes you can spawn them from. If there’s one there for you, chances are you either need it to complete the mission or a hidden goodie is nearby. 
  • Abuse Uniformed Access Privileges. Walking right in and completing your objective instead of having to sneak around is invaluable! It doesn’t mean you can’t be caught but it does make it harder. Be sure to stack your team with operatives who have uniformed access from construction workers to Albion guards. 
  • Plan Out Your Team. Your team is capped for operatives and potential recruits the specific amount may vary (for us it was at a total of 46). So be sure to plan your team out whether you want a balanced bunch or an all grannies squad. Don’t worry if it gets full though since you can get rid of operatives by sending them to retirement.