What You Need To Know About the New Combat Runner: Ninja Must Die

By | December 7, 2022

Ninja Must Die is an upcoming fast-paced mobile game that is easy to learn and a challenge to master, releasing on iOS and Android devices on December 14th. From the ink-wash painting visual style to an intriguing mystery to the chance to conquer bosses with friends, Ninja Must Die has options for all types of gamers.

Pre-registration is currently underway alongside a closed-beta test on Android, and we’re here to break down six of the biggest reasons you need to check out Ninja Must Die when it becomes available to you in the near future.

A Breeze to Learn, a Rewarding Challenge to Master

Newcomers can rest easy knowing that the team at Pandada Games designed Ninja Must Die to be easily accessible for players trying out the game for the first time. The controls allow for everything to be done with just one finger, from ninja action to the art of ninjutsu.

However, don’t think this journey isn’t meant for those looking for a challenge. The controls may be easy to learn, and progress is accessible for those looking for more relaxed gameplay sessions, but if you have the will to rise to the top of the leaderboards and find all the secrets Ninja Must Die holds, you’ll find that being a ninja is no simple task.

A New Take on the Combat Runner Genre

Everyone knows how combat runners work. However, Ninja Must Die wants to break the mold and create a new genre of its own that is inspired by other standout games that defined the genre. Ninja Must Die is a marriage between lightning-fast side-scrolling running and blistering action that will keep you on the edge of your seat, run after run.

As players run through each level in Ninja Must Die, they will not only have to run and avoid any obstacle that falls in their path, but they must also fight, dodge, and conquer any threat that comes their way with strong attacks and game-changing skills that will change the course of the battle.

Oh, and did we mention there are rideable Dragons? Because there ARE!

Ninja Must Die Features a Unique Cast of Characters.

At first glance, Ninja Must Die might seem like just a combat runner where your only goal is to rack up as many points as possible before reaching the next level. But there is more than meets the eye! Ninja Must Die is filled with a unique cast of characters and a story that will grip players from the very start.

When playing Ninja Must Die, players will be able to choose between Kuro, Rin, Riki, and Souga, each of whom comes from their own faction and is aligned with a special element.

Kuro grew up in Ninja Village and dreams of becoming a great ninja, and he uses the power of fire to take down his enemies and accomplish his missions.

Rin comes from the distant and uninhabitable Jade Fox Snow Mountain and has learned how to survive impossible situations by doing so. She became the miko of the Jade Fox Clan after her older sister went missing, and she harnesses the power of water to take down any obstacle in her way.

Riki is a panda who practices and believes in the Ninja Spirit, serving as the young master of Bamboo Village. As users of Lighting and Fire powers respectively, he and Kuro were selected as exchange students between their villages.

Souga is a super elite Ninja who came from the Land of the Cloud and wears a mask in honor of his fallen loved ones. He is a formidable warrior who uses wind to conquer his foes.

As players complete levels, they will learn more about the characters and world, and of course, progress through the story. Ninja Must Die’s story begins 300 years ago, after the Oni War, in an era of peace between the Shinobi and the samurai daimyo.

However, the Samurai eventually became the supreme rulers of the land, and the ninja disappeared for many years after clashes between the two factions. Now, the ninja is set to return in an attempt to overthrow the samurai and take control over all the land. As if that wasn’t enough, rumor has it that the evil ghost clan is also gearing up for a comeback…

Compete in 3v3 Battles That WIll Test Even the Mightiest Warriors

Alongside the main story, Ninja Must Die will feature multiplayer 3v3 battles that will test the skills of even the most experienced players. Instead of facing off against A.I. enemies, players will need to outsmart other players and come up with strategies to best their fellow warriors.

The multiplayer component of Ninja Must Die is designed to ensure no battle is ever truly lost. While it will be a tough task, there are ways that players can escape from the grip of defeat and emerge victorious. For example, by using Ninjutsu skills, players can use sealing cards to interrupt the skills and abilities of their opponents. If players use powerful abilities like Blinding + Bat Trap, at the right time, might just secure a legendary victory.

Beyond Competition, Ninja Must Die Encourages Friendship and Teamwork

Ninja Must Die features a clan system that will let friends and newcomers alike team up for rewards they wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own. Alongside building new friendships through gameplay, masters of the game can teach new apprentices the ways of Ninja Must Die, and in doing so, will ensure even more players are ready for the game’s toughest battles.

Some of these challenges include boss battles that reward the best teams with some of the greatest rewards the game has to offer. No matter how you decide to play, Ninja Must Die encourages you to play the game in your own unique style and will reward you well for doing so.

Ninja Must Die will be arriving on iOS and Android devices on December 14th, and pre-registration has already begun on both platforms. For more info, follow the game on their Official Website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord.