Adam Cole Says His Twitch Channel Is Never Going Away

By | August 17, 2021

Adam Cole has a big decision to make between WWE and AEW, but we do know one thing he has decided on. Cole has a Twitch channel, and he loves it. Therefore, he’s not giving it up for anything. We’re still waiting on an answer regarding whether Cole will eventually leave WWE, but his Twitch isn’t going anywhere.

During a chat on his Twitch channel, Cole addressed his future on the platform. He feels bad about not being able to stream for very long, but just a couple of hours is well worth it for the former NXT Champion. He also made it 100% clear that his Twitch channel is now going away.

“But guys, I love y’all so much. I wish so bad that I could just stream for a few more hours, but it makes me so happy to even be able to stream for a little bit, and it’s why, when I say, no matter what. There is a zero chance that this channel is ever going away. I will never give this up. I love it with my whole entire heart, and I love you guys. That’s how important you are to me because you guys make me feel very important. So, again, there’s been a lot going on lately. I just want to make sure everyone knows that this is going nowhere. This is going absolutely nowhere.”

WWE banned third party deals such as Twitch, but those can always be worked into a new contract. Zelina Vega is back in WWE and it’s very likely that they wrote her Twitch channel into that new deal so she can remain on the streaming platform. Adam Cole might get the same luxury, but we also know that AEW would have zero issues with him streaming during his time off either.

For the record, Britt Baker will be happy with Cole’s decision regardless of which company he chooses.

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