AEW Fires Shot At New WWE Rule On Dynamite This Week

By | March 17, 2021

AEW is obviously paying attention to WWE news, especially when they can use it to take a stab at their competition.

WWE’s new ban against leg slapping already caused a parody on Being The Elite. Matt Hardy is apparently posing $500 fines for slapping your leg during laughter. Don Callis also made up a t-shirt he is selling at PW Tees that makes fun of the new WWE rule.

Don Callis appeared on Dynamite this week and he called attention to this t-shirt. He actually had one, and he held it up for the camera to see. Naturally, it drew a big reaction from fans who hadn’t need it already.

It’s not really surprising that AEW put Callis’ t-shirt on Dynamite. It’s not the first shot they’ve fired at WWE, and it won’t be the last.