Amanda Huber Denies Report On Brodie Lee Having Pre-Existing Condition

By | January 15, 2021

Brodie Lee’s passing left a lot of questions, and it is an incredibly sensitive subject addressing the loss of such a great man. We have been in contact with Amanda Huber and she has cleared up one recent story about her husband.

Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “Regarding the death of Brodie Lee, there was apparently lung damage that he had previously that was not diagnosed with prior to his lungs not working but even when they figured that out they weren’t able to save him.”

Amanda Huber read Ringside News’ article about this, and she responded with an Instagram story denying the report. We reached out to Amanda Huber and she provided the following response to clarify the situation.

“I haven’t talked to Meltzer. So anything reported is coming from 3rd or 4th hand”

“I understand my husbands passing was shocking and everyone wants answers. But unless information comes from me, Please use caution in believing it.”

Amanda also told us that “I’m working on getting something together and answering a lot of unanswered questions.” Until that day comes, it is best to wait for what she has to say.

Brodie Lee’s passing hit the entire pro wrestling world hard, and people want answers. In the meantime, we should all celebrate Brodie Lee’s life instead of wondering why it ended.