Brandi Rhodes Posts Photo At ‘156 Weeks Pregnant’

By | March 18, 2021

Brandi Rhodes is currently pregnant with her and Cody’s first baby. They are having a daughter, and Brandi seems ready for her little bundle of joy.

Rhodes posted a photo to update fans on her current status. She isn’t appearing on AEW television as much anymore, because she said that nobody wants to see a pregnant lady on a pro wrestling show.

It seems that Brandi Rhodes is over being pregnant and she can’t wait to be a mother. The caption of her recent baby bump photo seemed to more than indicate that.

156 weeks pregnant…where the heck is the finish line????!!! (I’m fine guys, this is fine everything’s gonna be fine).

Brandi Rhodes and Cody can’t wait to be parents, but Brandi has a completely different reason to want their daughter to arrive soon. At least she’s still able to hit the gym.

Congratulations to Brandi and Cody from everyone here at Ringside News. Brandi also set up a charity drive in Baby Rhodes‘ name in case any fans want to buy a gift for a good cause.