Chelsea Green Responds To Fan Who Told Her To Stop Posting Bikini Photos & Get In The Ring

By | October 19, 2020

Chelsea Green posts her fair share of bikini photos. She also hasn’t been in the ring for a long time. One fan told her to “stop showing your ass and get in the ring.” She had a response for them.

Click here to check out a recent bikini photo from Chelsea Green where she told fans to “surrender the booty.”

Green saw what that critical fan told her, but she didn’t take it to heart. If anything, it might encourage her to show up more often in a bikini for her haters.

Someone today told me to “stop showing your a$$ and get in the ring”… Let it be known that even when I get back to wrestling, I will still be showing my a$$ in a bikini for you haters!

Chelsea Green is still waiting for her big opportunity on the main roster. She was actually called up to Raw and SmackDown in December, but she was sent back to NXT. Now fans are waiting to see what the former Hot Mess can do once they give her another spotlight.