Chris Jericho Calls Out Dominos Delivery Driver For Forgetting His Pizza

By | December 19, 2020

Chris Jericho isn’t afraid to jump on Twitter and let his 3.6 million followers know what’s on his mind. One Dominos driver caused him to call out the entire company online.

Le Champion doesn’t like to be kept waiting. He also doesn’t appreciate being mistreated. The driver showed up to deliver Jericho’s pizza, but the driver forgot their pizza. After a 90-minute wait they were told “tough lucky.”

That kind of customer service isn’t going to fly with the Million Viewer Man.

Thanks to the @dominos driver who came to deliver our pizza…and forgot the pizza. It’s been 90 min and when we called they basically said “Tough luck…” Terrible customer service guys. #YouHadOneJob

Dominos might want to get Chris Jericho his food, and maybe a handful of coupons as well. This is not the kind of advertising they were looking for on a Saturday night.