Chris Jericho’s Name Trends Big As NBA Fans Drag His ‘Dad Bod’

By | December 24, 2020

Chris Jericho teamed up with MJF this week, and they won their match at AEW Holiday Bash. A lot of fans who tuned in to AEW Dynamite had a lot to say about Jericho’s appearance as well.

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AEW Dynamite followed the NBA game last night, and a lot of those fans might have seen Chris Jericho for the first time in a while. He has changed a bit, but he’s still able to perform at a top level.

Chris Jericho’s name trended all night on Twitter. His name was up there in both the “wrestling” and “sports” topics. He had far more tweets from the “sports” topic than “wrestling.”

Jericho’s name racked up over 2,200 tweets in the “wrestling” topic, and over 6,500 in the “sports” trending topic. As of this writing, the subject received more attention than the current stimulus package controversy which earned almost 4,800 tweets.

Some people, like Justin Credible, came to Chris Jericho’s defense. A lot of fans were still let wondering what happened to Le Champion.