CM Punk Drops Massive Hint About Daniel Bryan’s AEW All Out Debut

By | September 4, 2021

Daniel Bryan left WWE, which was a massive shock to the fans and analysts. The former WWE superstar held many creative responsibilities on WWE, and his absence couldn’t have come at a worse time.

CM Punk, who recently debuted on AEW Rampage for the promotion, has given a big hint about Daniel Bryan. The AEW superstar recently revealed to Renee Paquette that he’d love to team up with Bryan Danielson.

I wanna wrestle the Young Bucks. I’ve gotta find the right tag partner for that. I mean, if we’re fantasy booking, it’s err… When does this come out? Saturday? Okay… (Laughs)… I don’t think it’s necessarily giving away spoilers, it’s just me putting my booker hat on. Of all the possibilities, I would do CM Punk and the American Dragon (Bryan) vs the Young Bucks. It’s so obvious that’s what you do.

Punk made sure to keep up the mystique behind Bryan’s signing. The 42-year old wrestler had dropped another hint on AEW Dynamite. When the fans broke into an uncontrollable chant of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” he responded by saying that they’d have to be patient for that to happen.

CM Punk recently said that AEW doesn’t have grueling travelling schedules like WWE. Tony Khan recently revealed that nobody in AEW has completely creative control, even including Punk.

September 4, 2021 11:54 am