Damien Priest Trolls Riddle’s Request For Fight Pit Match Against Bobby Lashley

By | January 27, 2021

Matt Riddle won a shot at the WWE United States Title. Then he put in a special request to make his match with Bobby Lashley a fight pit match. We’re still waiting to hear about a reply on that.

Damian Priest chimed in, and he said it’s not going to happen. The fight pit match is exclusive to the NXT brand. Riddle can settle for a Punjabi Prison match with Bobby Lashley instead.

That’s a #WWENXT exclusive bruh. You can fight inside the Punjabi prison

WWE announced that Riddle will get a United States Title shot, but they didn’t reveal when or where it will happen. It could very well have a stipulation attached. The big question is how they will work a Punjabi Prison stipulation into the mix.