Dolph Ziggler Says Having 50 Fans In The ThunderDome Would Be Mind-Blowing

By | February 13, 2021

WWE hasn’t produced a main roster event with live fans in a very long time. Many Superstars miss that adrenaline rush of performing in front of actual people, and Dolph Ziggler would love to just have 50 fans at this point.

Dayton 24/7 spoke with Dolph Ziggler about his current partnership with Robert Roode and his longing to have live fans back once again.

Ziggler opened up a bit about his tag team with Robert Roode. The Dirty Dawgs now have official entrance music and they can’t wait to carry on.

“I don’t hate that it took so long to become a thing. The two of us together making a team just made sense and it’s really fun. We’ve both seen it all and done it all, and it’s time to start dominating.”

WWE was able to bring fan back to events on a virtual basis with the ThunderDome. This is a great way to fill the void, but it is nothing close to having real live fans. Ziggler said if he could get 50 fans in the ThunderDome, it would be mind-blowing.

“This ThunderDome thing has changed the way we do business with no fans for now. Of course, we’re dying to get fans! If we had 50 fans out there, I think I would be so ecstatic, it would blow my mind.”

WrestleMania will feature live fans, but that is the first WWE event that will have live fans as of this writing. We’ll have to see what happens with the pandemic conditions that control the situation, but WWE can’t wait to have live fans back at every event once again.