Eddie Kingston Accuses CM Punk Of Having A Fake Personality In AEW

By | February 6, 2022

Eddie Kingston made his AEW debut back in July of 2020, where he faced off against Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship. While he was unsuccessful in the match, Kingston impressed many and signed with the company. It seems Kingston made an interesting accusation against CM Punk.

Kingston quickly cemented himself as one of the best talkers in AEW as his promos are known to be from the heart and very natural. He is also very passionate when it comes to the pro wrestling world.

Last year, AEW built up the feud between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk. The feud further intensified after the scathing back and forth between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston on an episode of Rampage. It culminated in a bloody war between the two at AEW Full Gear, which saw CM Punk pick up the win in the end.

While speaking with the WrestleTalk Podcast, Eddie Kingston accused CM Punk of pretending to want to help younger stars such as Darby Allin and added that his personality is fake.

“But he knows this like I don’t think what he’s doing right now is him, and it is all an act, you know I mean, I look at him in the eyes, it’s all an act,” Kingston continued. “Him hugging Darby telling Darby, ‘Hey man, I’m gonna help you.’ He don’t care. He’s doing that because Darby is hot.”

We certainly wonder if AEW will decide to revisit Eddie Kingston and CM Punk’s feud somewhere down the line as there still remains a lot of potential in their storyline.