Eva Marie Reveals Why WWE Delayed Her Return

By | July 6, 2021

Eva Marie is now on RAW every week as she continues her quest to be a super role model. There were some plans to get her back even sooner, but the timing didn’t work out.

WrestleMania 37 came and went without Eva Marie. That was not the company’s original intention, but it was tough to figure out a spot large enough to insert such a bold personality like Eva Marie’s.

While speaking with Bleacher Report, Eva Marie explained that WWE wanted to bring her back prior to WrestleMania 37. Those plans kept getting pushed back until the company could figure out the best timing to insert her into the storyline once again.

“There’s always so many things where creatively, story-wise, there were so many things where I was going to come back before ‘Mania, and then I wasn’t. Timing is everything, and just making sure it made sense. That’s kind of where it was at where I thought I was returning a lot sooner, and then it didn’t make sense. WrestleMania wasn’t the right moment, and right after wasn’t, either. It was just looking for that right little slot to insert the storyline and create it and start it.”

Eva Marie’s return has been met with some fan pushback at this point. She also admitted to loving that heat from fans however she can get it. Eva Marie will soon find herself performing in front of the live WWE Universe once again. That could see them react to her in a much different way.

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