Gable Steveson Receives Negative Fan Reaction After Tweeting At Vince McMahon

By | August 11, 2021

Gable Stevenson took home the Olympic gold medal for wrestling at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Ever since his gold medal triumph wrestling fans have speculated about him pursuing a career in professional wrestling much like Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar before him. WWE and the UFC could have quite a bidding war on their hands.

Stevenson took to Twitter to post a tweet that shows him having a clear interest himself in a pro wrestling career with him addressing Vince McMahon specifically. All he did was send out a “waving hand” emoji, something he also did for Dana White, but fans took notice in a big way.

Fans did not take kindly to Stevenson tweeting and showing interest in a pro wrestling career. “I hope you stay in wrestling or go to MMA, not this” read one of the replies Stevenson’s tweet received.

Some fans simply posted gifs showing clear disappointment at Gable even considering pro wrestling. Some fans have even alluded to WWE potentially signing Stevenson to a very lucrative contract as cause for even more NXT releases. “This tweet just future endeavored 11 more #WWENXT talents,” another tweeted out.

Tons of other fans expressed their displeasure by choosing their favorite meme or animated gif. Overall, that post was not taken too well. Others wish he would consider AEW instead. “Should be waving to @TonyKhan too,” one fan tweeted out.

While Stevenson’s future endeavors are still unknown, there appears to be a very vocal part of the fan base who would not take kindly to seeing Gable Stevenson in a WWE ring.