Jake Paul Beats Tyron Woodley Via Split Decision

By | August 29, 2021

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s road to their August 29th fight was full of verbal bombs. The two finally received their chance to throw some real punches in Cleveland.

The main event of the evening was highly anticipated, both Woodley and Paul already agreed that the loser would get a post-match tattoo proclaiming their love of their opponent. The two almost got very physical during the weigh-ins yesterday.

Paul also took a pay cut for this fight to make sure that other fighters got bigger checks. That is commendable, but Woodley didn’t seem phased when he called Paul out for jacking his culture. Their eight-round contest started just after 11:00 PM, and each fighter received a grandiose entrance.

Round one was evenly matched as the two fighters felt each other out a bit. Woodley’s technique as a boxer was certainly not as solid as The Problem Child, and that was not lost on the internet either.

The second round didn’t amount to much in the way of big punches. Woodley seemed to tire, and no big burst of power came from either fighter.

Round three started with a little body shot from Woodley, and then he backed Paul into the corner before hitting a left cross on The Problem Child. Jake Paul kept his right hand low and continued doing just enough to win the rounds. They both landed some more punches, but neither stopped their momentum. It appeared that Woodley won this round with Paul claiming the first two rounds.

Round four saw the fighters come out of the gate with more aggression. Woodley landed a left hook and Jake Paul kept his back to the ropes. Woodley accidentally landed what appeared to be an elbow and the referee chastised him for that shot. Paul took some wild shots, but didn’t make much of a connection. Then Jake landed a left hand. Woodley landed a right handed punch and then he rocked the Problem Child with another shot with just over 30 seconds left in the round. Jake hit a punch after that, and the round ended. Woodley won round four.

Round five started and the crowd in Cleveland was pumped. Jake was slower as Woodley landed a punch and talked some trash in the ring. Jake landed a few punches, and Woodley clinched him to land some body shots. Woodley landed a right hand as Jake received huge cheers from his hometown crowd. It appeared that Paul won that round as well.

Round six started off with a thrilled crowd, but the fighters were growing tired. Jake threw a combination of shots, but he didn’t land everything. Woodley landed a right hand, and it appeared he was looking for that one KO shot. He needed a knockout at this point in the fight. Paul was landing more punches than Woodley, but they both did a bit of dancing without landing any big blows. It appeared that Jake Paul won that round as well.

Round seven saw Woodley come out swinging. He needed a knockout to win the fight, because a decision would likely go to Paul. The Problem Child was tired, and so was his opponent. Neither of them had much force behind any punch, and they did a lot of moving around. It appeared that Jake Paul won this round as well.

Round eight was the final of the fight, and neither fighter came out with much of anything. They seemed to waste some time, and then Paul landed some shots and countered Woodley. Woodley needed a knockout to win this fight, and it just didn’t happen for him.

After the final round, Woodley raised his hands in victory, but that wasn’t enough to win the fight. In the end, the judges decided that Jake Paul won via split decision.