Jim Ross Reacts To Calling Kenny Omega ‘WWE Champion’ On AEW Dynamite

By | February 18, 2021

Jim Ross botched a line on AEW Dynamite this week, and it was a pretty big mistake to make. He called Kenny Omega “WWE Champion,” and that is not the case at all. This was called out by many people online.

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The WWE Hall of Famer replied to a post about his commentary botch. He caulked it up to getting into the heat of battle on live television. Jim Ross is a professional and he realizes that mistakes happen.

Yep. Heat of battle. Live TV.

My bad…,.

Kenny Omega is AEW World Champion, and he never worked for WWE long enough to see time on the main roster. At least fans now have a soundbite of Jim Ross saying “WWE Champion Kenny Omega” just in case it never happens for real.