Joey Janela & Ethan Page Settle Their Beef

By | October 10, 2020

Joey Janela and Ethan Page had a little spat on social media, but it’s all good now.

GCW sold some Collective 2020 trading cards with Ethan Page’s image included. This was a bit of an issue, but it seemed to escalate after Joey Janela’s response to Page calling him out about it.

Joey Janela sent Page $1.98 Canadian via PayPal for his cut of the trading cards. Then Ethan Page decided that it was time to call Janela a “little bitch” over the matter.

Ethan Page then pulled himself from Janela’s Spring Break event. Now they have apparently been able to hash thing out. Fightful Select reports that the two met privately and they also spoke with GCW’s Brett Lauderdale about the issue.

Apparently, this is water under the bridge now. Hopefully, they can avoid any more unpleasantness in the future.