John Silver Reacts To Getting Busted Open During Dog Collar Match On AEW Dynamite

By | October 8, 2020

AEW featured a brutal dog collar match on Dynamite this week. A lot of blood was spilled, but John Silver bled first.

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Silver commented on this event on the day after. He posted two pictures of himself with blood streaming down his face. He took bumps and bled for AEW, but the wasn’t even booked in the match.

I wasn’t even in this match.

We’ll have to see if John Silver gets any additional rub from AEW after going all the way with this performance. He didn’t have to bleed, but he obviously wanted to make sure that he contributed everything he could to make AEW’s first-ever dog collar match the best he could.

It’s hard not thank Silver for it and we didn’t even have money on him bleeding first in that match. Whoever bet on Silver bleeding first made a mint on Wednesday night.