Jon Moxley Wanted To Form Mega Tag Team With Brodie Lee

By | February 20, 2021

Brodie Lee’s passing was felt throughout the pro wrestling business. There were many plans that will never take place now. Jon Moxley also had a plan in mind, and it would have been amazing to see it come to fruition.

While speaking to Metro, Jon Moxley revealed that he wanted to form a tag team with Brodie Lee. This would be an idea for AEW years down the line. That never happened, but the idea of a Wyatt and Shield mega team would have been great to see.

“I had an idea to eventually one day – I like tag team wrestling, you know? And there’s so many great tag teams here that I wanna get to work with. ‘But it’s like, OK, I’m gonna need a suitable partner, not just any random guy. I want a full, actual good tag team run with a good partner, make a real run at having a run in this tag division.”

“The guy I was thinking about doing it with was Brodie Lee. He was a good friend, and I wrestled him so many millions of times, our styles would have complemented each other very well.”

Brodie Lee’s memory will live on with dedications and stories about the man he was. He was a great wrestler, father, and friend. Jon Moxley had the pleasure of working with Brodie Lee in many different cities all around the world. Sadly, they never got to form an alliance in AEW.