Kayla Braxton Reveals She Is Bisexual

By | March 3, 2021

Kayla Braxton has spoken about her love life in the past, and why she’s always single. She spent a lot of Valentine’s Days alone. Now she is disclosing even more about her personal life outside of pro wrestling.

Braxton revealed on Wednesday night that she is bisexual. She came upon revelation this after saying that she is tired of having to choose.

My whole life, I’ve had to choose. Are you black? Are you white? Which bubble do you fill in on the SATs? I always filled in “other” because nothing applied to me. Tonight, I choose to be over having to choose. Hello world. I’m Kayla. Oh. And yeah – I’m Bi.

We’re proud of Kayla Braxton for coming forward with this. It couldn’t have been easy, because she is a very public figure. Hopefully, she will continue living her best life, and now she doesn’t have to hide this part of herself.