Kevin Owens Sends Apology Video To Young Fans For Missing WWE Live Event

By | August 14, 2021

WWE is touring once again and they are rolling into Charlotte tonight. Plenty of fans are attending the Summer of Cena, but Kevin Owens won’t be at tonight’s event. That might disappoint some fans, but KO wanted to make sure that two young fans heard it straight from him.

Owens saw a tweet directed at himself and John Cena. Two girls, Maddy and Addison, had signs for Cena and Owens. They are going to be in Charlotte for tonight’s WWE event, but Owens is missing that show. Just to make sure that they knew he saw their signs, the former Universal Champion sent out a video message just for them.

Hey Maddy, hey Addison. I saw you guys are going to the show tonight. I’m really sorry to say I won’t be there, but I did see the sign you made for me, Maddy, it’s awesome. Thank you for wearing my shirts, and Addison, I’m sure John Cena is gonna love your sign, so I hope you have a great time and sooner than later I hope I get to wrestle at a show that you guys are at, but yeah, I hope you have a blast tonight, and I’m sure you will.

Kevin Owens didn’t have to send out that video message, but he did anyway. This really goes a long way with fans, and it also shows how much he cares. Hopefully, Owens is enjoying his time off and he’s not missing the show for any other reason except for getting a Saturday to enjoy himself. If anything, Maddy and Addison receive quite a surprise with that video message.

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