Kevin Owens Still Considers Himself A Winner After WWE Day 1

By | January 2, 2022

WWE Day 1 saw the WWE Title change hands, but Brock Lesnar won that gold instead of anyone who was previously booked in the match. Even though he didn’t win the title, Kevin Owens still considers himself a winner.

Kevin Owens uploaded a short video of himself at WWE Day 1. In that video, he stood above Brock Lesnar and mocked his signature taunt. “Oh, we have fun, don’t we?!” Owens captioned the video.

This fans replied to honestly inquire how Kevin Owens can declare himself as a winner coming out of WWE Day 1. It didn’t take Owens long to come up with an answer.

Well, I walked back to the locker room on my own two feet and when I talked to my wife and my kids and my mom and dad after the match, they all told me I did a good job. I’ll take it.

We’ll have to see if 2022 brings Kevin Owens back into the WWE Title picture. Day 1 was certainly an interesting event, and it kicked off the year with quite an unexpected moment.

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