Matt Cardona Says Released WWE Superstars Will Have To Hustle On The Indies

By | June 9, 2021

WWE released 16 main roster Superstars over the last month. Some of them are already taking bookings, and Braun Strowman is charging 5-figures. Matt Cardona was released from WWE last year so he knows what it is like to have such a change in your schedule.

While talking to Busted Open Radio, Cardona spoke from personal experience about what it is like to go from a WWE Superstar to an indie wrestler. He said that calendars aren’t going to fill themselves and everyone will need to hit the ground and hustle to get those dates.

“I tweeted this the other day or something similar, even last month when Chelsea and everybody else got released,” Cardona said. “This can be the best thing for you, if you do the work. If you, you know, bet on yourself and take a chance on yourself and hustle. But if you just think all these promoters are going to book you and you’re going to get all these pay days, that’s probably not going to happen.

“Maybe if you’re Braun Strowman, but for everybody else you’re going to have to work for it and hustle and make a name for yourself again. And make your own merch and, whether it be a side project like a podcast or something, you’ve got to make it for yourself. Because nobody’s going to hand it to you. That I love. I love being in control of my own destiny. Whether I succeed or fail, I just want the opportunity to do that.”

We’ll have to see who has the better run on the indies out of the recently released Superstars. There is already a ton of excitement over the notion of Buddy Murphy having a ton of dream matches. Aleister Black is going to be another great addition to the indie wrestling scene. We’ll have to see who can afford Braun Strowman.

What’s your take on WWE’s recently round of releases? Who do you think will break out first? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote