Mega Ran Drops Very Recent WWE Reference In New Freestyle Rap

By | September 29, 2021

WWE has many famous super fans and Mega Ran is right up there with one of the biggest. He has attended many WWE events and obviously watches the company’s product on a weekly basis. If you need proof of that then you can check out his new freestyle.

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Mega Ran recently had a concert where he busted into a freestyle rap. During that time spitting on the microphone, Mega Ran said “kick ’em in the face just like Woods did to Cedric.” That was a direct reference to this week’s cage match on WWE RAW.

Xavier Woods saw that video and he made up a little side-by-side video of his own. Then he dropped it in a tweet along with a caption that included an LOL emoji at the end of it.

Mega Ran has a part in his show where he freestyles about what he sees in the crowd

Mega Ran’s love of pro wrestling shows in his music and his social media activity as well. He obviously has not given up on WWE despite some questionable booking, and it is fans like him that keep WWE going. The fact that he is famous and still touting WWE doesn’t hurt the company in the slightest either.

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September 29, 2021 9:54 am