Miro Says Brodie Lee Will Never Leave His Heart

By | December 27, 2020

Brodie Lee was taken far too soon as he passed away at 41-years-old. The pro wrestling world reacted in sadness, and his old friend Miro sent out a tweet saying: “Only the good die young.” The next morning, he sent even more tributes for his friend.

Miro tweeted out a photo of himself with Lana on a plane. Brodie Lee was behind them sleeping which made for a great picture. Miro included a caption to say how Brodie Lee would always address the locker room when he left. He will never really leave the hearts of those he touched along the way.

Brody always said “Goodbye Forever” as he was leaving the locker room to the next town. You can’t leave forever when you are a part of so many people’s hearts. I love you, Jon.

Miro also included a photo of himself with Brodie Lee and Ryback. The photo was from Miro’s wedding to Lana with a caption reading: “Brody came to my wedding, with his signature pose of course.”

He also sent out a tweet saying: “Brody loved the NBA and NBA2k!” and “Brody loved Drake and Whataburger.” There are so many things about Brodie Lee that people will miss. Those memories live on forever.

RIP Brodie Lee