Mustafa Ali Comments On Revealing Himself As Leader Of WWE Retribution

By | October 5, 2020

Mustafa Ali made a big reveal this week as it came to light that he has been leading the masked Retribution stable this entire time. It didn’t take him long to break his silence.

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Ali is the leader of Retribution, and that was made very apparent this week. It was interesting that Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez didn’t appear to be a part of the melee. Ali was there and he made a big statement. Afterward, he tweeted out a photo of himself with the stable along with the following caption.

Some dreams die so others can live.

Mustafa Ali was on Main Event for weeks. It’s unclear how far into the process WWE decided to make Ali the new stable’s leader, but they were definitely able to turn things around for Mustafa Ali this week.

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