Mustafa Ali Teases Big Presentation Change After Revealing Himself As Retribution Leader

By | October 6, 2020

Mustafa Ali has always been about bringing the light, but those days are over. The new leader of Retribution just hinted at an even bigger change to his presentation.

Ringside News exclusively reported how long plans were actually solid for Mustafa Ali to reveal himself as Retribution’s new leader.

Ali’s hand light is very cool. WWE sells replicas in their shop, but that might become retro merchandise soon enough. It seems that Mustafa Ali’s light might be off now.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Mustafa Ali opened his hand and then closed it while posing with Retribution. We received a couple emails from fans asking if this was a sign that the hand light is going away.

It turns out those awesome readers might be correct. Ali posted a short video of his hand closing while including a caption reading: “Lights out, WWE.”

Retribution’s entrance is usually signified by flashing lights. If Ali kept the light up mask and glove that might give away Retribution’s attack. We’ll have to see if Ali gets a gear change, but it’s very likely at this stage.