Nikki Bella Shocked By Recent WWE Releases

By | June 5, 2021

WWE released over 60 people from the company and 16 Superstars from the roster within the last month. This has all been done under the name of “budget cuts.” It is still a very shocking situation, to say the leask.

Nikki Bella is no longer with WWE full-time. She is a legend and WWE Hall of Famer, but she is still connected to the company and she knows the kind of talent that they let go.

Bella logged onto Instagram where she released a message to express her shock over the recent WWE releases. The company fired some incredibly talented women who Nikki Bella had the pleasure of working with. This was not an easy situation to take as the IIconics, Ruby Riott, Lana, and others were all let go.

“I have been shocked to say the least about some of the releases lately at WWE. Wanted to write a thank you post to the women that have given their everything to the wrestling industry. Mind, body, soul and time. I was so honored to share the ring with some of you and the ones I hadn’t I was so looking forward to one day sharing it. @rubyriottwwe you were one of my favorite matches, you are such a selfless, kind, and incredibly talented woman. @themickiejames you are an icon. I always hoped to have had a badass storyline with you. I know we could have created magic. @jessicamckay and @cassielee goodness our future wrote itself, @thebriebella and I were dreaming of fighting for the tag titles against the both of you. You two were a magic duo! @thelanawwe you shined in and out of that ring, loved our @totaldivas days and traveling the world together. So many amazing laughs and memories! And @chelseaagreen was super excited to see what you were going to bring! Thank you all for the entertainment and the memories! I know the future is so bright for you all! Can’t wait to follow you all wherever you may go. #womenswrestling”

Women’s wrestling will carry on, but WWE will have to restack their roster in a big way. There are not a lot of women on the SmackDown roster at this point. That could open the door for some female call-ups very soon.

WWE higher ups were recently at the WWE Performance Center where they were scouting talent. They also took part in some practice matches for those scouts. We’ll have to see what happens next, but the WWE roster went through quite a change this week.

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