Paul Heyman Says Ryback Is A Schmuck

By | June 7, 2021

Paul Heyman has worked with and alongside a lot of talented performers over his lengthy career in the wrestling industry. In WWE, he managed stars such as CM Punk, The Big Show, Brock Lesnar, and currently, Roman Reigns.

While most of his clients have gone on to achieve tremendous success in WWE or other promotions, some of them, however, failed to break through and ended up moving down the card or future endeavored.

One of those names is former WWE wrestler Ryback. The Big Guy aligned himself with Paul Heyman during the latter’s feud with CM Punk in 2013, but the pairing didn’t work out as expected. Ryback has been vocal about working with Paul Heyman, revealing that he never wanted the partnership and even referred to Heyman as a piece of sh*t on Twitter.

During a recent virtual meet-and-greet session with Highspots Wrestling Network, Paul Heyman was asked what talent did he work with that he knew wouldn’t be a star, and he gave a perfect and straightforward answer.

Ryback. Would you like to know why Ryback? Because he was a schmuck.

Following his release from WWE several years ago, Ryback faded deeply into obscurity and today he’s one of the most irrelevant stars to have ever come out of the company. The online wrestling community is usually torn between different things, but the one thing they all agree on is never wanting to see Ryback in the wrestling business ever again.

H/T POST Wrestling.