Police Release Audio Of 911 Call Before Daffney’s Passing

By | September 11, 2021

Daffney Unger tragically passed away and the pro wrestling world mourned after losing her far too soon. She alerted fans and friends alike to worry about her when she appeared on an Instagram live stream and said incredibly concerning things while in an emotionally distraught state.

TMZ obtained a 911 call that was made by a concerned viewer of Daffney’s Instagram stream. He explained Daffney’s livestream to the operator and what she was saying. Daffney talked about how she wanted her stuff donated and was making incredibly concerning statements.

You can hear the operator ask if Daffney explained a planned method for how she wanted to take her own life, but none was given at the time. This is a chilling audio recording and a stern reminder that mental health should be taken seriously.

Daffney was loved by so many, but she was going through an incredibly dark period. Sadly, she didn’t make it out of that experience and our thoughts are still with all those who miss her including her family, friends, and fans.

You can find the video below which contains the newly released audio.

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September 11, 2021 6:12 pm