Príncipe Aéreo’s Cause Of Death Revealed

By | October 18, 2020

Príncipe Aéreo passed away last night during a match in Mexico City. He was only 26 years old. One day removed from the awful tragedy, we now know his cause of death.

Lucha Blog tweeted out that the official medical report said that Príncipe Aéreo did not pass away from a heart attack. He died of a ruptured middle cerebral artery.

Mas Lucha quotes the official medical report in saying Príncipe Aéreo passed away from a ruptured middle cerebral artery, not a heart attack.

This is a terrible loss for so many reasons. Not only did a gifted entertainer leave this world, but he was also incredibly young. Our thoughts continue to go out to Príncipe Aéreo’s family, friends, and fans during this sad time.