Randy Orton Is Ghosting Matt Riddle’s Text Messages

By | June 27, 2021

WWE placed Randy Orton and Matt Riddle on the same team and many fans are expecting for RKBro to implode any week now. They seem to still be on the same page, but that doesn’t mean they’re sharing a lot of texts back and forth.

Riddle, who might get his first name back from WWE, revealed a one-sided text conversation between himself and Orton. He has been trying to get Orton’s attention via phone communication for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Orton seems to be reading the texts from Riddle, but he’s not replying. The Orginal Bro posted a screenshot of his conversation along with a caption that reveals his quest for Monday Night RAW.

The bro is gonna have to do some serious snake charming tomorrow night.

We’ll have to see if Matt Riddle is able to charm the snake on RAW this week. He has a lot of charm, but Orton is a very special kind of serpent. Randy Orton and Matt Riddle do not have a current feud as so much of the attention seems to be on whether the team will break up with an RKO outta nowhere. Stay tuned.

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