Ricky Morton Says He Could Hang Up His Boots & Not Have Any Worries

By | October 17, 2020

Ricky Morton took on Joey Janela at the Spring Break event which took place during The Collective. That series of Indianapolis shows drew criticism recently as a few wrestlers revealed positive COVID-19 tests. Ricky Morton had to speak out in defense of the form of entertainment he has dedicated his life to.

The WWE Hall Of Famer took to Twitter and he said at 64-years-old he’s still on top of his game. He could leave pro wrestling and retire, but he loves the business so much it keeps him going.

Guys, I still love my business.

I’m 64 years old and still on the top of my game. If I choose to put my boots up tomorrow, I simple can and not have any worries.

I love the boys & girls of this business. Unless you’re in it, one wouldn’t understand.

Joey Janela addressed the public criticism that GCW faced after running The Collective shows. He said that they took every possible precaution, and they will continue running shows while using strict COVID-19 protocol.