Ryback’s Dog Passes Away

By | March 4, 2021

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a pet, and Ryback just had a terribly sad experience.

Ryback had to say goodbye to his dog Bam Bam today. After 15 years, Bam Bam finally lost a fight to a disease that Ryback did not name. He also held Bam Bam as he took his final breaths, but they had tons of great memories.

I didn’t get to know you as long as I would have liked Bam Bam, but may you RIP and 15 years is amazing. You fought until the end and I will never forget holding you feeling your beating heart stop as your pain went away. Sophie and Lil Guy were so happy to get to know you

Hopefully, Ryback will be able to get through this sad time. Our thoughts are with The Big Guy from everyone here at Ringside News.