Sami Zayn Responds To Roman Reigns Wanting More TV Time For Him

By | August 26, 2021

Sami Zayn underwent a massive change in character over the past year, as he went from babyface to a conniving heel. His current gimmick sees him as a conspiracy theorist who thinks WWE is out to get him at every opportunity. Zayn is also hell-bent on finishing up his documentary and show the world that he never lied in the first place. It seems he finally responded to what Roman Reigns said recently.

Sami Zayn’s feud with the likes of Kevin Owens over the years has drawn a lot of praise from fans and pro wrestlers alike. Zayn continues to hone his craft and is a highlight of WWE television.

Roman Reigns recently revealed that he wants more television time for Sami Zayn as it would be a good thing for Friday Night Smackdown in general.

Sami Zayn took to Twitter and responded to Roman Reigns wanting more TV time for him as he stated that Reigns is wise and people should acknowledge Reigns.

Acknowledge your Tribal Chief for indeed he is wise.

Sami Zayn also recently expressed his disgust at a WWE documentary not featuring his WrestleMania 37 match against Kevin Owens. We will have to wait and see what is next in store for Sami Zayn.

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