Seth Rollins Says Brodie Lee Was A Hero To Him As A Father

By | February 18, 2021

Brodie Lee’s passing was sudden and it hit the pro wrestling world in a big way. He meant so much to a ton of people throughout the pro wrestling business and his memory will live forever.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch celebrated the birth of their daughter in December. Brodie Lee was an amazing father, and someone to look up to for that reason, among many others.

While on WWE The Bump, Seth Rollins spoke about the CrossFit workout that he constructed for Brodie Lee. He also took some time to discuss how much he loved Brodie Lee and his family. The workout was crated with Brodie Lee in mind, but The Messiah still had to put in a burpee at the end as a little jab.

“Oh wow, I didn’t expect to talk about Brodie at all, um… yeah you know that one hit me really hard. I was kinda away being a dad when news of his passing came through. Sudden would be an understatement. Untimely, to say the least.”

“His family, I love them. I loved him and I loved every single second I spent with Brodie. Yeah, we made a workout in his honor. CrossFit has a history of creating workouts for heroes and Brodie was a hero for me, especially as a new dad.”

“So, we created a workout with some of the things that he really liked which were really heavy deadlifts and sitting on the bike and I think we had some push-ups in there as well. He was a big body guy and he liked to get his bump on. Just to spite him I put in one burpee at the end because I knew it would really irk him because he hated them.”

Brodie Lee received a ton of tributes throughout the pro wrestling world. FTR renamed their finisher after him, and “BRODIE” armbands appeared on several wrestlers as they mourned the loss of a great man. Seth Rollins paid special tribute to Brodie Lee in the best way he could, but he still couldn’t resist throwing in one burpee at the end of everything.

Transcription by Ringside News