Shad Khan Didn’t Think AEW Would Work At First

By | January 26, 2021

AEW has achieved a great amount of success since debuting on TNT, and they are still building toward their future. Tony Khan is the President of All Elite Wrestling, but his father Shad Khan had a huge part in bringing the company to life. That doesn’t mean Shad Khan thought AEW would succeed.

While speaking with Oral Sessions, Tony Khan said that his father has admitted that he was wrong about AEW. He didn’t think a pro wrestling company would be as successful. Now he knows that it was best to listen to his kid.

“He’s a really nice person. He’s very supportive, and he’s a very loving man. He’s also a very hard man. He’s not going to give it to you easy. He’s not going to tell you that you pulled something off or if you did a good job on something. I don’t hear it from him often, but in public, he admitted that he was very wrong about AEW. He went to multiple big publications and said in print that it was a good lesson [for him] in parenting to learn to trust your kids…Hearing him say good job on AEW each week is very nice.”

AEW is set to feature the return of Sting to in-ring action at Revolution. Shaq is also involved in a current angle. The company made it through the pandemic despite the terrible situation derailing so many exciting plans. We’ll have to see where things go from here, but AEW isn’t going anywhere.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote