Sonya Deville Celebrates National Coming Out Day

By | October 11, 2020

Sonya Deville hasn’t been seen since SummerSlam. She lost a match to Mandy Rose, and then she left WWE. Today was a special day for Deville as she celebrated National Coming Out Day.

She posted on Twitter with a short video of her and her girlfriend. Deville also dropped an encouraging message for anyone who might be going through coming out themselves.

Happy #NationalComingOutDay no matter where you are on your journey in or out. I am so proud of you all. I love you all, and priority number one is loving ourselves. “Be you because everyone else is already taken”

Deville also posted on Instagram where she was able to write much more about being unapologetically yourself.

Happy National Coming Out Day! Be who you are, love who you love, follow you heart and be a good person. Judge people based on their character … nothing else. I love you all so much, many of you know my journey (coming out 5 years ago on Tough Enough) was the hardest/most uncomfortable thing I have done but it has lead to the most amazing things and the most incredible people coming into my life. No matter where you are on your journey love yourself and be proud of who you are. “Be yourself everyone else is already taken” is a quote I try and live each day by. Love is such a beautiful thing and it deserves to be shared with those you care about. Do you, at your pace, your time, your way. And if anyone has a problem with that send em my way 😉🖤 I love you guys so much and I can’t thank you enough for the support y’all have shown me over the past half a decade. I am truly blessed. Unapologetically be you. 365 24/7.

We’ll have to see when Sonya Deville makes her way back to WWE television. She lost a loser leaves WWE match at SummerSlam, and she hasn’t been seen since. In the meantime, she is celebrating this big day for the community she proudly represents.