Stephanie McMahon Says WWE Is Exploring The Metaverse

By | February 3, 2022

WWE believes in moving on with their times. As the company has already announced a partnership with Fox Entertainment and Blockchain Creative Labs to enter the world of NFTs through a marketplace, their next step appears to be entering the Metaverse.

Stephanie McMahon was on the 2021 fourth-quarter earnings call, when she confirmed that WWE is looking for ways to enter the Metaverse. She added that WWE is a community-based business, which is why Metaverse makes a lot of sense.

We are absolutely exploring the Metaverse as an opportunity for WWE, especially as the theory unfolds that that’s really where more and more people are going to go to connect and socialize. WWE is a community-based business and is all about our fans coming together and sharing this experience. 

Stephanie leaves the Metaverse to have many opportunities for WWE. Currently they’re in the stage of doing due diligence. She added that they are meeting partners and learning about the Metaverse as much as they can.

We think there are huge opportunities to expand upon that in the Metaverse itself. In terms of our approach, we’re doing our due diligence. We’re meeting with various partners and learning as much we can. 

The WWE Chief Brand Officer added that WWE does not want to seem hasty in entering the Metaverse space. However, they do not want to be late as well as WWE likes to stay “ahead of the curve.”

We don’t want to be hasty in this space. That being said, we certainly don’t want to be behind, we always like to be slightly ahead of the curve. It is something we are actively involved in and investigating and looking into.

WWE is also in the talks for filing a trademark for virtual goods. This might be part of their expansionist strategy in the space of NFTs. In our extremely fast paced times, it seems that WWE does not plan on lagging behind.

H/T Fightful