Steve Austin FINALLY Reveals Long Awaited Broken Skull Sessions Guest

By | March 1, 2021

Steve Austin has invited plenty of WWE Superstars on his Broken Skull Sessions show. He has a way of getting some great stories over a beer, and sometimes shots of liquor. Randy Orton recently called BS on the fact that he hasn’t been interviewed yet. That is changing now.

The Rattlesnake dropped a graphic on his Twitter account to reveal that The Viper did slither his way onto the Broken Skull Sessions set for a chat. It’s unclear if Orton’s tweet at Austin came before the booking, but it might have all been a work.

Austin didn’t reveal exactly when this new special will drop. The Peacock logo was on the bottom of the poster, so it’s likely that fans will have to wait until they transition over onto the new streaming platform.

This could be a very interesting episode, and it might include many intriguing subjects, especially from Orton’s younger years. Needless to say, WWE might want to consider making multiple episodes out of this one.