Sunil Singh Injured During WWE 205 Live This Week

By | June 11, 2021

WWE debuted Grayson Waller this week on 205 Live. His first match in the company was against Sunil Singh. That match did not turn out the way the Bollywood Boy would have wanted at all.

Following the decisive victory, Waller celebrated with pushups, a summersault and a victory dance. Sunil Singh lost the match, but he was also injured in the process. Following 205 Live this week, Singh updated fans to let them know that he suffered a dislocated shoulder during that match.

Unfortunately, I dislocated my right shoulder mid match @WWE205Live this week.

My pride, my heart & passion didn’t let me quit.

I immediately thought of my son & continued to gut it out to finish the match. I gave it my all.

Down but never out.

Sunil Singh will be back, but it might take some time to recover. Hopefully, it won’t keep him out of action for long, especially as WWE is starting to get out and travel the country once again.

205 Live has been recorded at the Capitol Wrestling Center during the pandemic. It is unknown whether WWE will elect to bring that show along with them on the road at this point. We have heard no such report saying either way.

You can check out Sunil Singh’s tweet below. Hopefully, he is able to heal up fast and get back to work.