Sunny No Longer Drinking & Turning Her Life Around

By | August 30, 2021

Tammy Sytch is considered to be the very first WWF Diva. After having many switches in her career such as professional wrestling manager & an adult performer, Sytch seems to be turning it around.

Sunny just got out of serving her sentence of just under a year from jail. Her sentence came from breaking a protective order. She had just started her OnlyFans account prior to getting arrested, but now she has new plans for herself.

Sytch was interviewed at a International Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony. She spoke about her time in jail and said that it was a result of all she’d done, and how she lived her life.

I drank and I drove and I paid my price. I paid a lot of fines and I did my time, and thank God that’s behind me now.

Sunny then focused on her future. She said that she’s “feeling better than ever” after not drinking for a while. Now that she has a bit more clarity, Tammy Sytch wants to dive into a new venture with real estate.

I want to get into real estate, that’s the long-term goal. I’m going to get my real estate license and eventually a broker’s license, I want to buy and sell properties and flip houses, have some rental properties. That’s the long-term goal.

The former WWF diva added that her OnlyFans page is her real focus at the moment. She added that it will be the source of her funding for her real estate plans. She recently talked about what her serving time in the prison felt like. Sunny also trademarked her WWE name and might be appearing on the stage soon.

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